Ansi codes

From: G Clayton (
Date: 03/13/95

In reply to all the string about having ansi in comm.c

On my mud we did that about 2 weeks ago, so you can define color in items
objects, mobs, etc etc everything.. by adding in #R (for red) etc etc #O
ornage... etc etc

I looked at the code someone else posted, it is very similar to ours

but we've been having a problem with ours..

After you read the news, look at a board, or cast a spell
if you do a 'look' the ansi is messed up int he room but just for one
look, afte ryou do any of the above things.. it just throws a bunch
of strange characters in there and sometimes messes up worse..
We ant figure it out.. It also does it right on entering the game..

But it works perfect besides right after you do those couple of things.

We put basically the same code that guy posted into send_to_char
 and act functions.. also in list_obj_to_char i believe..

But anyway if you have a simlar problem please lemme know how to fix it :)

Also, We've added a paladin and a druid class, among other things and
they both have some cleric spells ofcourse.. but it makes the cleric 
spells mana usage go down as they raise levels, per spell.. like heal
cost 50 when they first get it and eventually cost 15 mana for example.
So when my paladin or druid class cast a clerical spell it uses 100 mana
every time.. and I cant quite figure out who to fix this
I know it defines SPELL_LEVEL if class cleric, etc.. but I cant figure out
how to add in druid and paladin to that define and have it work right

Oh by the way this is all done on circle 2.2..  we had already done
a ton of mods before 3.0 came out and we didnt feel like changing over,
since we had already done most of the things circle 3.0 does diferent
anyway .. well sorry for the long post but thanks if you can help me

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