a test site if you are bored

Date: 03/13/95

I probably should have mentioned this a long time ago when pl5 was
released, but anyways...

The address solo.cc.emory.edu 4000 hosts a beta test mud which basicly
serves as a 'fiddling with code site' for me and a couple of others.
Anyways, the project died a while ago and has been resurfaced so
I am inviting anyone to come by to test and see what bugs were
created. ;) Basically I added a bunch of ideas I had and never got
a chance to have players test them. The project has been resurfaced
and the mud going to be turned into a real mud pretty soon once
things get ironed out. So, come by. There are nifty things like
spell memorization, ansi 'infobar' displays, etc. 

The mud is not really in a playable state per se, just a testing

I am also looking to add one more programmer (not area 'coder').
Any interested parties email me at this address or myers@indy.net (prefered).

Ohh yeh, if you drop buy and a name for the mud pops into your
idea let us know. We gave it a cheesy name just so we can call 
it something. ;)


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