Re: .obj files..

From: Alex (
Date: 03/15/95

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Belgian Underground Mud wrote:
> > does anyone know where the damage type of object are determined?
> > i.e. is the word slash parsed or is there a number that takes care of this?
> Nope. See fight.c, function damage. The only thing used is the dice thingie.
The values of the object are used for this... 
for a weapon type object:
value[0] -- nothing
value[1] -- number of damage dice
value[2] -- number of 'sides' on the dice
value[3] -- damage type..
            This is taken from constant.c I think... (do a grep on 'slash'
            and you'll get the right file.. (= )
The numbers range from 0 to 12 I do believe..
I'd remember more, but can't find a list of them right now )=

--  Alex

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