Re: races

From: Belgian Underground Mud (
Date: 03/16/95

> Hiya, I am fairly new to admining MUD I have had a MUSE for over a year 
> tho. and was wondering if there is an easy way to add races to circle pl7 
> code...any assistance on this matter would be very much appreciated thanx.

Well, yes, we did. You have to insert another byte in the char_data, I 
think it's best you use one of the spare ones in player_specials_saved, 
and make a #define GET_RACE(ch) (ch)->player_specials->saved.race or 
something like that. Then you have to put a menu in nanny (interpreter.c) 
which asks what race they want, and if you're up to it, some modifiers 
per race in do_start (class.c). Don't forget to make race_abbrevs etc, 
just copy class.c and redo :-).

If you would rather have our code, just give a holler.


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