Re: internal color/codes

From: Wheel of Fish! (
Date: 03/16/95

>    I'll take this one. If you are referring to Brett's thingy... Just add 
> it anywhere you wish! No function calls, no arguments, no shit! I have 
> added it everywhere, and it is working excellent. (Found the prob. Brett, 
> had an extra line in the array).

yup. that'd do it :)

>   e.g. send_to_char("You found &+W%d platinum, &+Y%dgold, &+w%d silver, 
> and &+y%d copper.\r\n", GET_ALL_THE_MONEY_STRINGS ;)

eek.. multiple monitary systems.. I haven't gotten quite that far.. *sigh*
but then again we just started.

>   So, unless a nasty bug shows up down the road (doubtful) I reccomend 
> this as the most viable color code. Works well in and out of code!

I'm glad you like it.. it's nice to be able to contribute something useful
to the circle community.


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