Re: Documentation

From: Alex (
Date: 03/19/95

On Sun, 19 Mar 1995, Chris Fuller wrote:
> Ok, lets face it, the circle documentation really really needs
> improvement. Anyone know where I can get some good info (header
> files don't count) on the zone files, general info, mobs, adding
> spells, classes, hometowns, etc. maybe even a guide to the source?
The 3.0 CircleMud release will contain a complete somewhat comprehensible 
set of documents that will hopefully explain all of this... it is being 
worked on whilst the code is being worked upon... you may want to check 
the list archives that Jeremy kept, since they contain a goodly amount of 
notes about adding and correcting this stuff for you...

On the building side of things.. there will be a good building doc out 
with the final circle release, but until then, you may want to try the 
Builders' Handbook released by CAW and just change the flag systems to 
the circle ones... /pub/caw/BHndbk

--  Alex

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