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Date: 03/21/95

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, jared stein wrote:

> how can i give gold and other items to newbies upon them starting ?

Attached is an old post by that shows how to do it.  
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From Tue Nov  1 21:40:52 1994
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 1994 22:56:32 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Auto-equip/Auto-gold

> A few weeks ago I was reading this newslist, and I saw someone post the code
> modifications forto make a character started out with a certain amount of
> cash or equipment.  Could someone please repost ttit?  Thanks much!
> -jo
I posted something along time ago, but will send something out again.

Ok, here is something real quick. I forget exactly what the items
are, but there are something like leather jacket, bread, bag, and a dagger.
Change the 30xx numbers to what you want from your object files. Also,
make sure if you change the size of the equip array to change
the i<=4 (the 4) to represent your new value. I call something similar
to this right after a character has completed the class selection.

Ohh yeh, when you call load_newbie_equip (if you do it before they
actually enter game), you do something like:

** load_newbie_equip(): load items from equip[] to ch.
void 	load_newbie_equip(struct char_data *ch)
	struct obj_data *o;
	int i, equip[5] = { 3024, 3010, 3044, 3076, 3081 };

	  if(o=real_object(equip[i],VIRTUAL) == NULL){
	    sprintf(buf,"SYSERR: newbie item %d does not exist!",equip[i]);
          } else obj_to_char(o,ch);

	GET_GOLD(ch) = 1000;
	send_to_char("Count your lucky stars, you have been equiped!\r\n",ch);

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