Re: I/O...

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 03/22/95

> I was wondering if anybody out there's added more advanced terminal 
> support to their MUD--perhaps a status bar (I remember someone talking 
> about this) or a full-screen editor or overhead ASCII map. If anybody 
> has, I'd be interested in how you kept track of what was going where to 
> whom and still managed to stick to the mud's one-write-at-a-time approach 
> to sockets.
> /
> [LC/Cardy/Kilwren/Cardenyl
> \PASO/Paradigm/Storm

i started writing an overhead map, but never finished... beta code i guess :)
anyone else do any mapping? the full-screen editor is a different story, may
port from another program, but it's definitely needed.

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