RE: newbie eq

From: Johan Dustler (pb9443@hktecfs.HKR.SE)
Date: 03/22/95

I was looking for the same thing a couple of months ago,
and when I looked through some older letters I found it.
I don't remember who wrote the letter, but anyway here 
is what I did.

in act.wizard.c I added a procedure called do_newbie
it looks like this

void do_newbie(struct char_data *vict)
  struct obj_data *obj;
  int give_obj[] = {3043, 3071, -1}
                      /*here you can add the objects you want the
                      newbie to have, end the list with a -1/*
  int i;

  for (i = 0; give_obj[i] != -1; i++) {
    obj = read_obj(give_obj[i], VIRTUAL);
    obj_to_char(obj, vict);

I also needed to add one line to the nanny procedure in interpreter.c
In the case statement checking the menu choice.
about 40 lines down it says:

if (!GET_LEVEL(d->character)) { /* check if it is a new player */
  send_to_char(START_MESSG, d->character);
  do_newbie(d->character);    /* I added this line */

I hope this will help. :)

Johan Dustler (Mithil)

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