Re: your mail

From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 03/22/95

>> nope i type set hit 1000 and it sets it to 500.
>> any idea's
>Check act.wizard.c the most youcan SET maxhit to is 500 but when ppl
>level their maxhits can and will go above this but you can chang it in
>act.wizard.c in do_set

Perhaps _YOU_ should check act.wizard.c ACMD(do_set):

  case 4:
    vict->points.max_hit = RANGE(1, 5000);

That's a 5000 I see there...not 500.  My speculation on this situation is
that he is refering to his imp, the 1st person to log on, the one db.c
init_char(struct char_data *ch) sets a maxhit of 500 to.
What he TRIED to do was set his hits higher than that...
in which case, set player hit is restricted to the boundary of -9 and
max hit of the victim...

  case 7:
    vict->points.hit = RANGE(-9, vict->points.max_hit);

If this sounds like a be it.  You should check your sources before
giving advice, else you deserved it.  I'll try to keep the flaming down to
a minimum really belongs in, no?  =)


PS:  In a non-flaming way, giving wrong advice to someone can send them down
     a road of time consuming bug or code hunting.  I do apologize for this
     flame like message.

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