From: Andy Davidoff (dert@concrete.resnet.upenn.edu)
Date: 03/24/95

> I am having a big problem with timers.  I don't believe that any of them 
> are working on my MUD because there is a portal spell that I have and it 
> loads an object that has a spec_proc.  My problem comes in when none of 
> these objects disappear.  Is this a circle2.20 bug?  If it is how can I 
> fix?  I have tried to run dikued on my .obj file and set a timer, but it 
> just never stays.   It always goes back to 0.  Thanks for the help!

ack, how many ppl have imped this portal shit? grumble...
anyway, i suggest using checkpoints to make sure the timer variable is
not being reset. stickem in the related functions in limits an spec_procs.
we had portal pimped in our 2.2 version and the timer worked fine then,
however we had made alot of alterations and i cant be sure timer code was
stock. *shrug* corpses and food decay fine, right? so perhaps 2.2 is limited
to those items? i dont no how this is done in 2.2 :(

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