Bug in shop.c??? (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@gridpoint.async.vt.edu)
Date: 03/27/95

Belgian Underground Mud <bug@asteriks.rug.ac.be> writes:
> Hi !
> I'm having a little problem with the new shop format from circle 3.00. 
> Maybe you guys know what to do with it ... 
> It's like this : i made a new show in new format selling for example a flail.
> But when i typed 'where flail' i sometimes got about 10 flails in a 
> random room (same zone) : 'carried by (null)'.
> It would seem shop.c gives the objects in a large shop file to a random
> mob pointer that does not exist, if the shop owner already has them.

Ok, first things first.  The shop code doesn't have anything to do with
giving items to shopkeepers when they first appear.  That's done in the
zone file and the zone parsing routines.  If, however, the (null) owned
items appear after selling those items, that would be a problem with
the shop code.

So here's a couple questions:
1) Do you get any errors/warnings from that zone file at bootup?
2) Have you modified any code whatsoever?
3) Have you run the files on a patchlevel other than 7?

Here's what I'd check first:
1) If you get warnings in the zone file at boot time (like unknown vnums
for mobs) there's a pretty good chance that objects are going to end up
in the wrong place.
2) If you've modified code, it could be a result of a side-effect.  The
shop code has remained virtually unchanged since the first beta release
(I wrote it, and can't recall making any changes since the initial beta
release) so try your file on an unmodified version of Circle.
3) Again, if it works on pl6 and not pl7, something must have changed.

> I can't seem to find the problem, but i'm pretty sure it's in new shop 
> file format ... (pl7 shop.c & .h used)

I'm not sure why you think this, but maybe if I saw the files, or knew
exactly when those voided objects popped up, I might be able to duplicate
the effect.  Let me know and I'll try to find the problem.


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