Re: Merc Code
Date: 03/28/95

You can get merc, fiery, silly, vie and a lot of other mud code at Hope this helps any....:)

				- Mr. Data, Lt. Commander, U.S.S. Enterprise

On Tue, 28 Mar 1995, Phoenix Project wrote:

> Any one out there know an ftp site where I can get my hands on some merc
> code? I would like to implement a lot of things that they have done
> into my cicle 2.2 mud. I know this really is the best place to ask, but
> I have been looking for the R.G.M.D faqs for weeks to no avail. I hasnt 
> been posted for a while. Thanks for the help, and sorry if this subject
> bugged you. I just really need to know:)
> Gargamel/mike/ 

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