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From: Dennis R. Haag (
Date: 03/29/95

> Date:          Wed, 29 Mar 1995 03:02:26 -0500 (EST)
> From:          Phoenix Project <>
> Subject:       totally stumped and I am going nuts
> To:            Jeremy Elson <>
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> I am attempting to add the merc mud school area to my circle 2.2 mud BUT
> I keep getting these errors in the logs. And none of this eq shows up
> on the mobs. The rooms and the mobs loaded fine but it seems that just
> this eq when given to mobiles is causing problems. There is other eq
> in the zone that does not cause these errors that is given to mobiles and
> according to the documentation my zone command for "G" is correct.
> I am totally lost as to what is going on. I am running on a sunos OS
> with about 8 zones added to the standard distribution. Off the top of
> my head I think I have about 1900 rooms and around 900 objs and about 900
> mobs. If you can offer any advice PLEASE help.. I am totally stumped.
> I looked through the db.c code and it looks like these commands should
> work, but they aren't. I have not modified db.c in anyway.
> Eternally gratefull...and desperate
> Gargamel/mike/
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I had the same problem in circle 2.2 and never really found an 
answer. It seemed to be nasty invisible whitespace characters that 
for some reason messed up things. I got the same numbers -1,0. 
Retyping some of the files from scratch fixed it. Also there seemed 
to be some VNUMs that just don't work. In one zone I added 20 to 
everything's VNUM and the problem went away. Sometimes adding a zone 
would cause a previously working zone to start giving these errors. I 
was running on a NeXT with a hacked (got it from AIX) unistd.h and 
some other "patches" to get it to go. In fact I had to redo a lot of 
the malloc stuff, which might be part of the problem. Best wishes. 
Pop into EndorMud if ya get a chance (before the evil firewall locks 
everyone out 8^). 5555     

Multi-classes, about 25 added areas, 60 levels, most of the SillyMud 
spells, and a lot of good clean butchering....  8^)

 Dennis R. Haag
 CSR, Chemistry
 Brigham Young Univ.
 (801) 378-4108

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