Spell Affections from objects. (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@gridpoint.async.vt.edu)
Date: 03/29/95

"Naji M. Khudairi" <oracle@alpha.blkbox.com> writes:
> Has anyone created objects that give spell affections to players when the 
> object is worn?  For example, a ring that affected the player with sanctuary.

I sent a patch to the old mailing list that did this as well as add
timer affects for objects.  You should be able to find the mailing list
archives on the ftp site (ftp.cs.jhu.edu).  You might want to read
the replies to it as well.  I believe there were a couple inconsistancies
between my Circle 2.01 code and the 2.2 code that almost everyone was
running at the time.  If you're going to try to put it in a Circle 3,
you'll probably have to do some work to make it fit.


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