Re: Non functional spells (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 03/30/95 (Douglas Lee Erickson) writes:
> 	Well, as of pl7, the spells I've seen that aren't working are:
> 	create water

Worked for me... keep in mind that it can't be cast on something that's
partially full of something other than water.

> 	create food

This one doesn't work because you need to create a magic mushroom in
your object file.  The mushroom should be virtual number 7090.

> 	identify

Because of the new spell system, you can't cast this one anymore, and
the scrolls in Midgaard need to be modified so that they use spell 201
instead of spell 53.

> 	remove poison
> 	remove curse

These look like they work unless you cast them on objects.  Looks like
a piece of cake.   ;-)  Any other problems with spells that people know of?


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