Re: Bug with Skills revisited (and solved)

From: Belgian Underground Mud (
Date: 03/31/95


> you can solve the problem I had.  The only problem with this is that you
> can no longer use 'prot' for 'protection from evil', but instead it must 
> have the same number of arguments, like 'p f e' if you'd like.  The only 

Uhm... I fixed it like this:
In is_abbrev, I made it so that the first argument must be the 
abbreviation, so at the end, I check for the first argument pointer being 
in the last position. That way, firea is no longer an abbrev for fire. 
Then, I fixed do_look to comply to that :) and in find_skill_num, I 
switched first and first2, so that p f e is not correct for piss forcibly :)

I think that should do it... fi b is an abbrev for fire breath and not 
for firearms...


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