Circle 3.00 production version released!

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/01/95

I'm pleased to announce after much hard work that Circle 3.0 is now
available for general release.

The code has been fully debugged!!  Thanks to a brilliant utility called
BugFind (similar to lint) written by Jeff Fink, author of previously
successful MUD software such as Cartograph, in conjunction with Chris
Herringshaw's remarkable "SourcePatch" automatic source code creation
utility, all remaining bugs in Circle 3.0 have been automatically tracked
down and eliminated.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Jeff and Chris for writing these ground-breaking
software packages which finally put an end to the slow and tedious process
of *manually* debugging!  The BugFind/SourcePatch combo can automatically
fix the bugs in *any* MUD code without any operator intervention, as long
as there are comments in the code describing what the code is supposed to

The production version of 3.0, as well as binaries for the BugFind and
SourcePatch utilities, have been put on a special FTP site linked with
a T3 to the 'net to handle the high load.  They can both be found at:

Good luck, and have fun!!

Jeremy Elson

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