Re: Core dumps

From: Chris Austin (caustin@Direct.CA)
Date: 04/02/95

On Sun, 2 Apr 1995, Ryan wrote:

> Hmm.. this is weird, does anyone know why all of a sudden circlemud would 
> stop dumping it's core?  It hasn't created core files for the last day or 
> so now, and I'm trying to figure out why.
> I was using gdb to debug some code yesterday, but I dought there was 
> anything in there that I did to stop core files from being created.
> Any ideas upon the subject are greatly appreciated :)
> Ryan
> PS - circle/lib directory has no rescritions on it to my knowledge, I can 
> write and read files no problem.

Make sure that you have an entry in your .profile regarding core dumps.

ulimit -c unlimited   will do it for bash.


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