Re: Mystery Error.

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Date: 04/03/95

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Colin R. James wrote:

> I am using an area created by CAW and have everything running smoothly, 
> except occasionally upon game startup i get a "Room #14000 is above zone 
> 26" error and the game will not boot.  I have no zone 26 and am lost at 
> to where this error is coming from.  If I remove the reference to the zon 
> file in the index this error will never occur. Any suggestions?

I'm not really certain what could be wrong, for I never encountered an 
error message like this, but I'll take a wild guess at it...

I'm guessing it's actually the .wld file that's at fault here.  Check 
room #14000 to see if the first number after the desc is in accordance 
with the zone number, and that all of the files (apparently, are 
all beginning with the _same_ number.

If that's not it, I don't know :)

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