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From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 04/03/95

All this time, people were discussing how 0.name should be players and
such, which is all fine.  However, has anyone actually looked into the
code and noticed that the code has a slight 'bug' in it?  Jer, if you
can see this, consider it a bug report.  (This is if no one else has
reported it yet, I've been trashing my mail pretty frequently recently
so I don't know if this discussion is about the bug report).

get_char_vis() searchs get_char_room_vis() first, before doing a world
name search.  get_char_room_vis() does a number check into a
get_player_vis() search before doing a room name search.  This is not
right.  You should edit that a little, adding a get_player_room_vis()
and use that in get_char_room_vis() if (!number).

Presently, you can refer to 0.player and in situations where it
requires that the player be in the room, it will refer to the player
no matter where s/he is.

ie, you want to whisper to a player called Joe.  Joe's not in the same
room as you though.  Easy, whisper 0.joe

This basically works for any subroutine which uses the get_char_room_vis
function.  The easy bug fix around?  Write get_player_room_vis(), use
that in get_char_room_vis if (!number), and use get_player_vis() in
get_char_vis() when (!number).  Presently, if (!number), get_char_vis()
returns NULL.

linc aka Aladdin of Eternity DikuMUD.

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