Re: trouble with adding levels

From: James (
Date: 04/08/95

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, SROWAN wrote:

> Hello,
> It's me again...
> I just tried to increase the number of levels/class on my circle 3.0 source,
> and I'm having compiling errors..something about excessive the
> thac0 and titles, sections of class.c.
> Is there any other files I need to alter to incorporate the new levels?

Adding levels is a bit harder than what it looks at first glance. There 
are several level sensitive arrays with pointers pointing to them. If you 
increase the amound of levels, some of theese pointers will start 
pointing to random places in memory. What you need to do is go through 
and add on to theese arrays. If I remember correct, the two files with 
theese arrays are magic.c(check out the offensive spells) and 
constants.c(see the dex, wis, str, con, int applies) And of course you 
will need to change the "define LEVEL_GOD    32" in the structs.h

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