Re: Checking for group members.

From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 04/10/95

I'll only describe in English and not C how you're supposed to do this;
translating English into C is one of the fun reasons you want to imp a
mud, right?  I won't deprive you of all that fun now, since I can tell
that you want to imp a mud very badly.

ch = person who needs to find out who is in his/her group.

Is ch grouped?
(Yes) Does ch have a master?
      (Yes) Is the master grouped?
            (Yes) Then assign a char_data pointer to the ch's master.
            (No)  Then ch has no group members.
      (No)  Assign a char_data pointer to ch.
(No)  Then ch has no group members.

Run a for loop for room contents of people.  Anyone who is following the
char_data pointer you just assigned a second ago AND is affected by group
is part of ch's group.

You could have figured this out yourself if you had looked in fight.c
under gain_exp/group_gain.

linc aka Aladdin of Eternity DikuMUD

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