Re: misc changes that would be nice..

From: Scatter (
Date: 08/23/95

On Tue, 8 Aug 1995, Ole Gjerde wrote:

> I've got a couple of things that should be "fix"..
> 1.  Ban, you should be able to ban with a wildcard like: 'ban all *'
>     Since a lot of people use direct telnet, and it's a pain to keep typing 
>     all those adresses.

ban all will ban all sites at

> 2.  Unban, you should be able to do unban *, or unban all

unban all will unban all sites at

> 5.  set siteok, A problem with this is that you can't set it on for 
>     players not logged on, either that or it puts it on for a mob if a mob 
>     with that name exists.

have you tried 'set file <playername> siteok on' ?

> 11. make holylight default on.. I don't really see the need for this 
>     command at all.

This allows builders to walk through their zones and test for light.  I'm 
sure that this is only one reason for holylight :)

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