Re: autowiz.c

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (
Date: 04/18/95

	I believe that Mr. Gibson is quite right.  I am not the best 
programmer, yet I have come a long way since I first subscribed to this 
mailing list (when it was still back at marble).  Maybe I'm just wierd, 
but we're we ALL newbies once?  Hell, there was a time when we were new 
to MUDding itself!  Perhaps when you started out no one was willing to 
help you - I know my mailbox was full of flames calling me a stupid 
newbie, and how could I ask such questions.  But now that I know things, 
and can figure out some more of the simpler things, I help those who 
ask.  If people ask how to add races or classes, or skills, or anything 
for that matter, I usually try and email them with a) some general hints 
or b) real code that they can put it and modify - but I would never email 
them flaming them or even worse try to embarrass them in front of the 
whole list by forwarding my smart ass remark to the whole list.....

	MUD is just a game (for me atleast) and I enjoy what I do very 
much.  I appreciate the fact that my players realize the hard-work I put 
into the game and are very greatful for it.  Once I have my code 
sufficiently different I will be releasing it to the world -- As it says 
in the hacking.doc - 'What goes around comes around.'  Those of us who 
are generous with our ideas and help others in any way we can will 
benefit far better than those who like to beat down people with questions.

	As far as specials2 - I changed my code and don't quite remember, 
but check out char_specials_saved.  If you want my autowiz.c just email 
me and I'll send it out to you.

	Many thanks to those people who helped me out in the past:

	Jeremy Elson (Ras)
	Jeff 'Teker' Fink (sp?)
	Aladin of Eternity DikuMUD 
              (Linc Chan - even tho you are a bit impatient with newbies ;-) ).
        Jason Dinkel (of Merc/EnvyMUD OLC fame...)
	Locke of The Isles
	John Brothers (Loki of SillyMUD)
	Ponder of Archipelago (sp?)
	Kith of EnvyMUD
	Aramina and Exile of HoloMUD
	Russ Russell (Brutius of SneezyMUD)

	Thank you all,

	- Sean  (Glasgian of The Dominion)

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