Re: affect_join

From: Christopher J. Dickey (
Date: 04/18/95

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Joey Buttafuco wrote:

> Ok... I know this might sound "newbieish," but flame away if you want.
> Does any one have better descriptions for exactly what affect_join does? 
> Mainly because I'd like it not to allow players to cast the same spell on 
> themselves just to add to the duration or even to replace the spell.
> Theoretically, if it's:
>     affect_join(victim, &af, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE);
> The spell replaces itself.  
> I'd rather have it not allow them to cast it, so it will have to be 
> dispelled, or wear off before they're able to cast it again.

Well, you use something like this to check:

  if (affected_by_spell(victim, spellnum)) {
    send_to_char("Nothing happens.\n\r", ch);


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