Re: autowiz.c

Date: 04/18/95

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Lincoln Chan wrote:

> Hmmm....actually, this isn't a very newbie-ish question.  It *CAN* however,
> be answered if you dig through structs.h long enough.  Which version of
> autowiz.c are you starting out with?  Are you trying to start writing your
> own version?  (This question, I predict a 'no' to).  If you don't know that
> much C, my best advice to you is to sit tight and wait.  Sooner or later,
> a compatible version of autowiz.c for the 3.00 version of Circle will show
> up.  It's bound to happen.  For now, just edit the wizlist file and make it
> look all pwetty by hand.  This is probably easier than having one of us
> try to second guess you on what versions you're using and what changes you've
> made to your structs.h

You just pointed out the very problem I have.  It *is* a newbie question, 
because I checked, and THERE is a compatible version of autowiz.c for 
Circle 3.00bpl7, included in the distribution.  But what makes it a dumb 
question is that I'm certain he couldn't have looked, because any decent 
editor has a "search" function, and any half-way decent programmer would 
use their editors features to ease the job on themselves (well, I know a 
few programmers that do everything the hard way regardless [ie., anyone 
that writes obsuficated(sp) C code]).  He could have simply searched 
through structs.h, found it, and immediately it should click to search 
and replace autowiz.c specials2.

I'm going to do this one more time, so maybe you all would shut-up and 
save a shred of bandwidth..  I apologize if it SEEMED like I flamed him, 
or had the intent to.  I was being sarcastic.  You'all apparently 
mis-interpreted nothing more than innocent sarcasism as a flame.  Yelled 
and screamed about why you shouldn't flame, you'll go to Hell if you 
flame, etc.  and flamed me.  That makes me a lot better than you in my 
book, for I never really flamed the original guy whom asked the 
question.  So, perhaps before you all take up sides, get off your high 
horses, come back to reality, and learn how to read.

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