Re: This mail does not mention the word 'flame' once.

Date: 04/19/95

On Wed, 19 Apr 1995, Lincoln Chan wrote:

> Heh, I believe mail and magic mushroom are -1 too.  I'd have to look to
> verify that.
> linc aka Aladdin

[chuckle] I didn't even notice that I used three of my players names for 
the corpses example.. Heheh :)  In any case, if you have anything using 
several of the same vnums, then, you're stuck with it being combined with 
a completely different object.  The only case of this is -1, and I'm 
pretty sure create food uses -1, corpses -1, mail -1, and maybe a few 
others.  Which means that (a) mail should be NO_DROP, NO_DONATE, and (b) 
you should use the vnum and long descr to make sure they are exactly the 
same object.

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