Re: Code Help

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/20/95

> >>>>> "Taz" == Taz  <----> writes:
>  Taz> Hi, Im still trying to code a special proc that opens an exit
>  Taz> when a character drops a certain item in a  room flagged as special_roo
>  Taz> or whatever.
> Your code frag makes me rather think you wanted to teleport a player on
> dropping that item than to open an exit. ;-)
>  Taz> ...
>  Taz>   int location = 8001;
>  Taz> ...
>  Taz>   char_to_room(ch, location);     <------- bombs here!

char_to_room takes an RNUM, not a VNUM.  You must do something like

char_to_room(ch, real_room(location));

Preferably some form that checks real_room is not NOWHERE before using it.

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