Re: Code Help

Date: 04/20/95

> char_to_room takes an RNUM, not a VNUM.  You must do something like
> char_to_room(ch, real_room(location));
> Preferably some form that checks real_room is not NOWHERE before using it.

Hadn't even thought of that one, JE :).  This should work:

int temp;
if ((temp = real_room(location)) != NOWHERE) {
  char_to_char(ch, temp);

That'll move the character and checks for NOWHERE like Jer said, it's 
perferable even though it might not make a difference, it's better to be 
safe than sorry. :) 

Wow, we have a lot of stupid saying, now don't we?

/Spawn@KrimsonMud , the accused flamer.
DISCLAIMER: I didn't do it.. um, Winters did!

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