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From: Lincoln Chan (linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 04/20/95

No no no no no....

Don't teleport the character.  Start by having the wld and zon files
coordinate into closing the door and locking it at every zone reset.
Make the door closeable with no keyhole and unpickable.  In other words,
make it mortally impossible to unlock/open the door (but let it exist).

Instead of transporting the character out, do this instead:
REMOVE_BIT(EXIT(ch, direction)->exit_info, EX_LOCKED | EX_CLOSED);
/* note, you'll need to define direction */
Don't forget the other end of the door (if you need to open that end too).

BTW:  This will not work if you have an indiscriminant 'knock' spell which
      unlocks and opens a door in any state of existance.  You'll have to
      add the flag EX_UNKNOCKABLE or something.

One last thing I HAVE to mention...

Here's Gargamel's comment on all us flamers...

If you are going to flame,yell,call names, yell about newbie questions,
etc, PLEASE respond to the newbie, flamie, etc. by email directly. Please
do not carbon copy to the group. I am also totally tired of seeing a flame
war erupt on a group that is supposed to be filled with semi intelligent and
hopefully slightly mature coders and imps. I see enough of this flame
bullshit in r.g.m.d. Take the flame wars there please.

Gargamel....Imp of Phoenix Mud (

P.S. Oh and if you plan on flaming me please respond directly to me and NOT
     the entire newsgroup. I would like to spare everyone else another 25
     messages in their mail box about nothing.

Well, I love how he tells US not to carbon copy to the group...

From: Phoenix Project <>
To: "Scott D. Treppa" <>
cc: "Spawn@KrimsonMud" <>,
        Lincoln Chan <linc@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>,,
         \_   What the fuck is this?!?!?

I tend to give flame comments WITH some useful responses.  I don't just
send everyone a copy of shit we've all seen for the last week for the
sake of hopping on the goddamn bandwagon, let alone sending a carbon
to me (oh yes, I received 2 lovely copies of your shit).  So...why don't
you just lie the fuck down before you hurt yourself, Senor "Do as I write
and not as I do."

linc aka Aladdin

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