Circle: The Decision on ASCII Save Files

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/25/95

Okay, I've come to a decision.

First, I will encapsulate all existing, binary-file player-saving and
rent-saving functions in a file called 'plrsave.c'.

I will then author a new file which reimplements the saving as ASCII-file
based, as previously discussed.  Both plrsavea.c and plrsaveb.c will be
distributed with Circle.  A link from plrsave.c to plrsavea.c will be
there, as well, so the standard will be ASCII.  But, anyone who wants to
hang on to their binary formats for whatever reason can do so by linking
plrsave.c to plrsaveb.c instead, which is where all the old routines will

If this fails to make anyone happy, then you can... never mind, how could
this *not* make anyone happy?  :)  (Don't answer that...)


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