more questions ;)
Date: 04/28/95

Well, since I have been asking a lot of questions lately, and the
response has been great, i think i will go ahead and ask a few more :)

Does anyone know of the 'legality' of using stock merc and silly areas
with some mods in my MUD?  I have been using a lot of the stock areas
included with those distributions.  I give credit to the original 
author (if I know who it is) in a 'help areas' (like on silly), and
I keep any references the author made within the area (signs and the like).

I remember reading somewhere that Merc 2.2 areas were free to distribute
as long as references to the author were not removed.  Would this apply
to silly areas as well?  Just something I have been thinking about.

The second and final question I have, is one that has been bugging me for
a while.  Has anyone compiled a list of the new ascii flags that are used
in patch level 7?  I had started to do one a while back, but got REALLY
bored of it and frustrated at times.  I am almost 100% sure that they are
not listed anywhere in the partial docs that are included with patch 7.
I think if someone has a list, or wants to compile one, it would be
a great think to most to the mailing list here. ;) 

Thanks again

Be thankful I am not attaching my .sig to every mail message I send here ;)

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