some remarks to the boat stuff

From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 05/23/95

Hi all,

I just like to add some remarks to the recent postings on boat type items.
In the case of a boat (item to cross WATER_NOSWIM) it makes sense, IMHO,
to wear it (e.g. some kind of waterwalking boots) or to just have it in
the eq list (a raft or something).

In addition, I have added the following:
- An item type TRANSPORT with the values [0] = can travel SPACE (which is
  a new sector type I implemented, [1] = can travel AIR, [2] = can travel
- So you can add code like this in do_simple_move:

 /* is room underwater ? */
 if ((world[ch->in_room].sector_type == SECT_UNDERWATER) ||
  (world[EXIT(ch, dir)->to_room].sector_type == SECT_UNDERWATER))
      for (equip_pos = 0; equip_pos < NUM_WEARS; equip_pos++)
        if ((ch->equipment[equip_pos]) && (GET_OBJ_TYPE(ch->equipment[equip_pos]) == ITEM_TRANSPORT) && GET_OBJ_VAL(ch->equipment[equip_pos], 2))
    has_boat = TRUE;
  if (!has_boat)
   send_to_char("You need to wear a suitable transport to travel underwater!\r\n", ch);
   return 0;

And accordingly for AIR and SPACE. So you have to have the possibility to
wear decent eq (e.g. a breath mask for UNDERWATER, a spacesuit for SPACE
or a balloon for AIR) to travel certain sectors (only WATER_NOSWIM was
implemented so far - bpl7).
In addition, the AFF_WATERWALK doesn't work in 3.0bpl7; you may fix it like:

   /* aff waterwalk ? */
   if (!has_boat) {
     has_boat = TRUE;

In the boat section, of course. This fix works for characters casting
waterwalk on themselves(*) but mobs with AFF_WATERWALK wont move around
on water when the flag is set on them - does anybody has an idea why ?
It also seems to be a good idea in my opinion to do a check for flying
eq to enable you to cross water :).

(*) if you have fixed that spell, that is.

Cheerio, Stefan.
(waiting to GREP the pl8)

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