From: Giao H Phan (gphan@sas.upenn.edu)
Date: 05/31/95

i have a problem with the concept of a FAQ and mud coding. ppl are not 
usually thrown into the position of writing a mud or pimping 100 level 
code rewrites. if someone decides to code a mud, s/he should no the 
language enough to read the code until s/he can hack up a solution. i 
think a FAQ will kill the point. i can see it's use as a last resort, but 
frankly, any question that is often asked is being asked of those ppl 
who do not wish to get dirty with the code. this is not to insult the ppl 
themselves, just the system. i no most of us are doing this to have fun, 
to learn shit. well someone telling you everything u have to do to 
accomplish yer latest goal does not strike me as particularly rewarding. 
let the person fiddle with the code on their own, perhaps they will 
realize that writing a mud is not for them. perhaps they will realize the 
amount of dedication and/or work it requires is too much. perhaps they 
will discover the solution and feel the ultimate satisfaction. either 
way, giving away the answer does not help. it enables the person who has 
no buisness coding a mud to continue on their track to inevitable end, 
and ruins the exercise for the person who is actually learning anything.
go ahed, make the FAQ. please do not post it to the list.

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