Re: Glitch

From: Eric Green (
Date: 06/10/95

> Well we have found put that CircleMUD has been hacked on ours.  We had a
> level 32 god somehow find a loop hole to make himself level 69!  We only go
> to 34 on ours but he did it,  also he was able to raise off line users upto
> 69 and put some down to 0.

The code level and patch level would be good to know here.  A couple patch
levels back in 3.0, Jeremy fixed a bug in 'set <person> title <new title>'
which allowed a character to have a title longer than the MAX_TITLE_LENGTH.
This would overwrite other parts of the char_data structure when the
character was saved, so impossible levels could be achieved.  Check the
current src/CHANGES file for when this fix was made.


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