From: Raymond J Nawara Jr. (
Date: 07/05/95

   From: Phil Priston <>
   also remember  that most metal based armour will deflect a bullet, 
   perhaps sometime bouncing it off in a completly different direction, 
   if you are standing close range perhaps with some bad luck the bullet
   could bounce straight back at the firer!

??? What gave you this idea? Medieval quality armour is mostly useless
against firearms. Otherwise, the wearing of armour in battle would
have increaced with the use of firearms, not decreaced. (All them
modern infantry in full field plate, yeah.) 

For a bullet to bounce straight back at the shooter, it'd either have
had to hit an incredibily hard metal, or had a force so weak that it
would not be much of a threat after bouncing. And remember, lead is a
very common bullet material, and it's quite soft, not too prone to
perfect reflection.

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