Re: eq lvl restrictions

From: Carter T. Shock (ctso@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Date: 07/07/95

> I was wondering if I could get some opinions on eq lvl restrictions for
> players. Thie would be on all armor and weapons. I am considering putting
> them into my mud (probably use the rent field for the lvl since we have 
> free rent). Has anyone else out there put in lvl restrictions in a circle
> mud? I am not interested in how to do it.. I am more interested in how it

I put eq restrictions into The Viod a while back. We limited armor (or
eq with an AC affect) and weapons. Weapons were limited based on total
possible damage. The purpose was to reduce the number of unkillable 
newbies (kinda stupid to have a level 4 walking about with AC -100 toting
a 9d5+4 weapon...). When the restrictions first went in some folks got 
pissed and left, but generally everyone gets along with them just fine.
An interesting side effect: folks are still limited to 30 items for rent.
If they come into something they cannot use for a few levels they have to
choose between hanging on to it vs. using the "rent space" for other stuff.
Overall, I'd say it has had a positive effect on play.
A quick note on implementation: You're making a whole lot of work for
yourself by putting the level restriction in the obj file. Not only is it
a whole lot of editing, but inconsistancies are bound to creep in. Your
players will feel a deep need to point these out to you in great detail.
Much easier to set general eq restrictions in the perform_wear function.
Ferinstance, if total AC for an object exceeds 8, then you have to be 
level 10 to use it etc. 
The Void @ 4000

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