Re: trouble with adding levels

From: Dave (
Date: 04/20/95

Did you add the extra titles? also look at utils.h and utils.c they 
define IS_CLASS and you might wanna add them to shop.c (I think thgis is 
the file) so that you can make shops that will sell only to them or won't 
sell to them and look at your spec_assign.c file (it defines the guilds) 
if you want them to goto an existing guild instead of building a new one 
I can help with that (I did that and had to change the code a bit).
	- David 'Dave' Berthiaume of the temporarily closed DragonMUD.

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, SROWAN wrote:

> Hello,
> It's me again...
> I just tried to increase the number of levels/class on my circle 3.0 source,
> and I'm having compiling errors..something about excessive the
> thac0 and titles, sections of class.c.
> Is there any other files I need to alter to incorporate the new levels?
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