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From: Levork (
Date: 07/25/95

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Ron Poulton wrote:

> I grabbed that editor (assuming it was circ-old.tar.gz that you sent) and 
> installed it without any [apparent ;] bugs.  I decided to edit room #3059 
> since it was relatively sparse.  The editor definitely has potential; 
> something I would be interested in installing would be a 'maximum 
> specification', such that "max" would use the topmost room/object/etc, 
> "new" would create a new room/object/etc, and so forth.

On the subject of bugs, I found two rather major glitches in the 
olc stuff (one of them 5 minutes after I ftp'ed the code - sigh). 

The first one, is that string_add in modify.c adds \r's at the end of each
line. After a couple of reboots the world/obj files start to have ^M's all
over the place.. I changed the lines in string_add to: 

} else {
    /* the \r screws up OLC */
    if (STATE(d) == CON_IEDIT || STATE(d) == CON_REDIT)
      strcat(*d->str, "\n"); 
      strcat(*d->str, "\r\n"); 

The second one occurs when you try to redit a room with vnum > than 
everything else (say room 99999).. it doesn't ever save to memory. 
Here is a patch to fix that:

*** /std/people/fong/test/redit.c       Sun Jul 23 14:05:57 1995
--- redit.c     Tue Jul 25 10:40:42 1995
*** 444,449 ****
--- 444,458 ----
              new_world[counter + 1] = world[counter];
+         /* we need this here because if room was > than all the other rooms,
+            need to insert at end */
+         if (!found) {
+           new_world[top_of_world + 1] = *(d->edit_room);
+           new_world[top_of_world + 1].number = d->edit_number;
+           new_world[top_of_world + 1].func = NULL;
+           found = 1;
+         }
          /* copy world table over */

As for the maximum specification, I'm not too sure what you mean. If you want 
to be able to just do "redit max" and get the unfinished room which is 1 
higher than the max finished room in the zone, that could be easily added
to olc.c.. as for "redit new", the existing redit will create a new room
if you specify a vnum that doesn't already exist.



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