Re: quick question.

From: mud admin staff (
Date: 07/29/95

 >   if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room) != NULL)
 > couldn't the same thing be accomplished with this? :
 >   if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room))

yes on most systems, but I have come across documentation that swore that NULL
is not aways == 0.  Who ever coded the first like Probably had read some of it

 > I've noticed statements like the first one in lots of places in the circle
 > code.   Wouldn't the program be slightly smaller with the second statment?

If you ever look at the assembly out put of most good compilers they catch it
right away... and use them as the equivaltent.  GCC only does with the -O flag
or better. (Linux version that I can be soure of)

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Eric E. Ebling 
Aramis of Lion MUD 4000

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