Re: display question

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/02/95

> 	Has anyone changed the display function to allow the display of the
> mob's condition, as well as their tank's condition if grouped?  Basically, I
> want it to look like:
> <465h 224m 190v tank:fine victim: hurt>
> 	That type of thing.  I'm a fearin that the display function is gonna
> hafta be ripped out, but if possible I would rather just add to the code. 
> Thanks in advance for any help....

That's not a problem.  Check out the make_prompt routine in comm.c.  I 
found that little gem a couple of weeks ago; the only changes I made were 
to the color.  It resets the attribute to grey before it displays the 
line, and an invisible player has their "ixx" level-invisibility 
highlighted (white or dark grey depending on their color level).  The 
idea posed about combat-stats on the prompt is useful.. something 
toggleable could be used, depending on the user record.

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