Re: your mail

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/02/95

> I just set up CircleMUD 3.0 and have an admin question.  When I've logged in
> with my test character,  it has no equipment.  I've been on muds that when you
> log in for the first time, it says "You have been equipped by the Gods" or
> something to that nature.  How do you give eq to a new user, or set it up so 
> that it automatically does it?

I'd look for the routines that load in a new character, and when they 
start the game with no equipment I'll send a cute little string to them 
("The Gods look upon you with hope and offer you equipment to begin your 
adventures.") and then use an equipment-add routine (whichever that may 
be; takes 5 minutes at most to track down, I suspect) to give them pieces 
of equipment to start out with.

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