re: Crashing circle..

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/03/95

> We have found on our mud that if a user (and they have, believe me), 
> does a #loop command in tintin at the mud logon screen, they can 
> effectively crash the mud.. We have made a semi-fix to this problem, but 
> we think it may have caused other things to go wrong, so I'm asking if 
> anyone else can come up with a GOOD solution to this problem.. Is there 
> any way to stop something like a #loop command? 

have you actually worked out WHY it crashes the mud??  knowing what the
cause of a crash is, tends to help find a fix.  :)

not a flame, just a coder's thought  :)

Ted @ nowhere yet, and yet and many places.

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