Re: on _zone_ editing

From: Julian Fong (
Date: 08/04/95

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, David E. Berthiaume Jr. wrote:

> > Does anyone have any experience with an OLC that allows the editing of 
> > zone files on the fly? I'm trying to implement one and I'm bandying 
> > around several ideas.. the best thing I can think of is some sort of 
> > "zone freeze" command. Basically you stop a zone from repopping and stop 
> > every wandering mob from moving around. Then you walk around, load mobs 
> > and objects, set doors etc etc, and then you do a "zone save"; this takes 
> > a snapshot of the zone, and writes it to disk. This seems to me to be the 
> > best way, but via this method there's no way of setting the max number of 
> > objs/mobs you want to repop.
> try haveing it ask you 'How many do you want to load here?' hen you load 
> them. :)


Is it that easy? I guess, if I have a guard, I load two of them in 
room 3001, two of them in 3002, and I want 6 in the game max, I just ask 
when I load each guard, maybe store in some temp array? 

Come to think of it, i get confused as to whether I'm supposed to specify 
6 max guards every single time I load a guard, eg 
M 0 <guard num> 6 3001
M 0 <guard num> 6 3001
M 0 <guard num> 6 3002
M 0 <guard num> 6 3002



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