Re: on _zone_ editing

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/04/95

> Does anyone have any experience with an OLC that allows the editing of 
> zone files on the fly? I'm trying to implement one and I'm bandying 
> around several ideas.. the best thing I can think of is some sort of 
> "zone freeze" command. Basically you stop a zone from repopping and stop 
> every wandering mob from moving around. Then you walk around, load mobs 
> and objects, set doors etc etc, and then you do a "zone save"; this takes 
> a snapshot of the zone, and writes it to disk. This seems to me to be the 
> best way, but via this method there's no way of setting the max number of 
> objs/mobs you want to repop.

An idea would be to load the zone in as a virtual zone; perhaps such a 
'virtual zone' can be defined in the zonelist.  The zone specified as a 
VZ would be available to emulate any other zone for editing.  This way, 
if you weren't using zone 99, say, then any zones you want to edit would 
be loaded as zone 99 and you could edit them to your heart's content; the 
MUD would not let anyone else in.  While zone 99 is in use, no other zone 
can be edited unless you defined multiple virtual zones.

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