Re: increasing the size of the bitmaps.. (AFF, PLR, PRF) and the , like

From: Paul Cole (
Date: 08/06/95

#1, its not a bitmap.  A bitmap is a graphic file format <check your 
    mswindow heirarchy for *.bmp files.>
    I call then vectors, I'm sure there are other names as well.  But surely
    not bitmaps.  Lets not start a bad habit. k?

Anyway, continuing on to the important stuff.
long long's, or 64 bit values, do exist but only on the newest of the c 
compilers.  It is not available in the 1.x.x gcc's that are most 
prevalent out there.  I *think* it became supported in gcc with version 
2.6.0 but I'm really not totally certain.  The point is that although 
long longs do exist.  Its not terribly wise to use them as they are not 
at all considered to be portable nor standard.. yet.

On Sun, 6 Aug 1995, DoDGeR wrote:

> ok... my roomate and i discovered that there is a declaration like:
> long long int a;
> this makes a 64 bin integer.  please test this on your machine with this
> program: 
> void main(void)
> {
> printf("int: %d\n",sizeof(int));
> printf("long int: %d\n",sizeof(long int));
> printf("long long int: %d\n",sizeof(long long int));
> }
> thanx... this could be very helpful for all the coders that are running out of
> room int their bitmaps. 
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