re: affect multipliers

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/07/95

> 	Ok, in the magic.c I see how to do applies that simply add or subtract,
> how would I go about doing an affect that multiplies?  Basically, I'm adding a
> spell that when cast, causes the player to do 2x their normal damage, however
> the mob they are fighting will never miss them.  Any ideas?  I know it's an
> affect on damroll, but not sure if the could handles multiplies.

one simple was is to create a new PLR_VULNERABLE (or the like).
and if a player is affected by that then they ALWAYS get hit. a simple if
statement in the do_hit (??) or is it damage() *shrug*.

Just thought that i would mention i altered the player file slightly so
that i had to PRF sections per player.  this was because as i created new
things and used PRF's i found i had too many.. (ie. > 31 (since 2^31 is
the largest number handled by the compiler).  so now simple things like
prompt options and channel options are under PRF1, and other stuff is
under PRF2.  i think most people will find after a while that this may
well be necessary.. either that or i'm a complete idiot and missed
something much simpler (well it wasnt hard) under my nose. (which is a
strong possiblity :)  ).


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