Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 08/10/95

>> Hi all another question..   Below is the stats on a char.. which crashes
>>the mud
>>         everytime the PC tries to kill a fido..
>> My first thought was possibly the PC name, any Ideas??
>> anyhow the char is going to be re-done with a new name... to see if that one
>> fixes the problem.

Why don't you get a good source level debugger like gdb
and see where and why it crashes:

compile with debugging turned on: gcc -ggdb will work for gcc
run the server under the debugger:
gdb bin/circle
gdb> run
....mud output....

then go crash the mud, gdb should catch where it died

gdb> where

to see a stack trace of where the mud died.

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