Re: A Circle 2.2 thingy

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 08/11/95

>> > How would one begin a game by calling 'circle' directly?  For me, it sits
>> > there and I don't know how to actually start playing.  There a keypress
>> > or something?
>> The reason it's sitting there is it's running as a foreground task.
>> You'll need to find some way to run another task.  I'm working on my home
>> linux machine, so I just hit alt-f2 to start another virtual terminal.
>> If you have a second terminal connected, you could use that one to telnet
>> in.  If you're working on a remote system, I think the easiest way to do
>> this is run tintin on your local system.  Use one session to telnet to
>> the mud system account, and another session to connect to the game port.
>> I can't remeber the standard telnet port (brainfart), I think it's 23 or 24.
>I have no problems executing a background task; often I 'autorun &' if
>the process was somehow halted and the server didn't compensate.  And I
>just telnet 0 4000 to get into the MUD (using the port suffix appropriate).
>However, my question is how would I call up a game of CircleMUD while I
>was in the debugger?  "circle" runs fine on its own, but it's a matter of
>calling up a game of it.  Unless I run the debugger as a background process.

think of the debugger as a shell in which you run the mud

at your unix prompt type:
unix> gdb bin/circle
this will produce a bunch of text and ultimately a prompt like:


at this prompt you type run:

(gdb) run

you will now see all your normal mud booting output scrolling by

Now either go to a different teminal/window or a different machine and
telnet to the mud as normal

remeber the mud must be compiled with the -ggdb debug flag - this is all
assuming you are using gcc and gdb.

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